Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000

Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000

Looking for recovery and muscle building supplements? That is exactly what Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 is to put it simply. Today we will be giving an overview, customer stated benefits, and a personal review based on our trial with EVL BCAA 5000. So stick around to get all those questions answered! Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What is Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000?

This is a Non-stimulate fitness supplement that will help to build and repair your muscles, as well as optimize your recovery and endurance. Containing 5,000mg worth of BCAAs to get the job done. BCAA stands for branch chain amino acids; these are essential amino acids meaning your body doesn’t make them on their own. The only way to get them is through food or supplements.

BCAAs are part of the building blocks for protein and help support energy for the muscles and protein synthesis. This aids in the development of lean mass.

Evl BCAA 5000 has little to no fillers and uses three main key ingredients. These being the 3 essential amino acids. These are L- Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. So is EVL a trusted company?

Yes very much so. The company was founded in 2013, and in this short time has become one of the leaders in the supplement industry. With outstanding reviews and products that work, they have also taken many top 10 spots for almost all their products from various fitness sites.

How Does EVL BCAA 5000 Work?

It works by giving the body the 3 main essential amino acids that it can not produce on its own. These 3 BCAAs will repair and build leaner and stronger muscles.

So what exactly do these 3 do to help make this happen? Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts and tell you what they do!


We will keep these simple so all can follow and easily understand what each 3 does for your body. We are working on more in-depth articles, so stay on the look out for a thorough scientific explanation for each one. Here we go!


BCAA 5000 by EVL has 2.5g or 2,500mg of L-Leucine. This amino acid helps to supply the energy to the muscles and helps in protein synthesis. This well help to create more protein, and this in turn helps build and repair muscles from the stress and tears to the fibers from training.


BCAA 5000 by EVL has 1.25g or 1,250mg of L-Valine. This particular amino acid also plays a key role in supplying energy to the muscles.


BCAA 5000 by EVL has 1.25g or 1,250mg of L-Isoleucine. This amino acid supports the development of muscle tissue, lean mass, and recovery.

Is Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 Safe?

Yes it is safe to use this product. This product is intended for adults age 18 and older. If you have serious health conditions we personally recommend consulting with your doctor prior to use. It is always best to be safer than sorry. Some supplements can in fact make your major health issues worse and we want you to be safe!

Also, this product does contain soy! As of now there are no listed side effects from taking BCAA 5000 from Evlution Nutrition so rest assured you are using a good quality product without any harmful or irritating side effects.

Directions for Use

  1. Fill shaker with 8 to 10 oz of water.
  2. Add 1 scoop of powder to the shaker.
  3. Drink before workout, during workout, or after workout.

We personally recommend using during your workout. To us this makes the most sense. You already might be using a pre workout and a post workout protein.

No one wants to overload their stomach with so much liquid before or after a workout. That’s a quick way to get an upset stomach. So we use all our BCAA supplements during our sessions.

Store in a cool dark place such as a cabinet or inside of the pantry.

Flavors to Savor and Cost

Evlution Nutrition makes this product in 3 sizes and some flavors may be found in select sizes only. To make the viewing easier we have split it up by the different container sizes.

30 Servings

This size costs $19.99 for 30 servings making it $0.67 per drink.


60 Servings

This size costs $24.99 for 60 servings making it $0.42 a drink.

Only comes in UNFLAVORED. Can mix into anything you desire.

90 Servings

This size costs $49.99 for 90 servings. Can be found cheaper on Amazon 😉


Customer stated Benefits

Here at Spartan Barbell Fitness we scour the web in search of what real customers are saying about all the products we write about. We want you to know what others think about the supplement in question so you can have a good idea of how well it really works. Below we have listed the top 2 benefits customers are raving about.

  1. Increased recovery rate
  2. Increased endurance

With over 3,000 reviews being read, these are the top 2 that were repeatedly stated over and over. The people have spoken and the verdict is out. Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 does in fact get the job done!

In the hopes of transparency and becoming your go to site for reviews on all supplements, we also include some sites we used while gathering our Top 2 list. Our goal is to become your number 1 trusted site and to gain your trust!

Sites Used in Top 2 List

We do not use any personal review websites in our research of any product including EVL BCAA 5000 Powder. These sites typically are promotional sites that want you to purchase the product, and we want to keep our Top 2 benefits free from bias.

At the end of this article we also have our own personal review on the benefits of BCAA 5000 by EVL so stay tuned!


Bodybuilding.com’s store

Muscleandstrength.com’s store

Just type in EVL BCAA 5000 Powder in each of the site’s search bars to start looking through the reviews.

All of the above listed sites are well-known and trusted, and each has thousands of reviews on BCAA 5000 with the vast majority being positive. Also, the ratings are very good! With ratings above 9.2 out of 10 and above 4.4 stars out of 5 you can’t go wrong with this product.

Our Personal Review

Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 review

We personally tried out Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000, and have some thoughts and opinions of our own on the matter. This review will be broken down into two sections to make it easier to follow.

Each section will be scored and at the end they will be averaged together to give our own overall rating. Let’s hop to it!

Flavor and Cost Test

Here at Spartan Barbell Fitness we use 4 taste testers to get a good grasp on every products flavor we try out. We will rate it on three very important factors. We call this our own 3-prong taste test. For this review we used the CHERRY LIMEADE flavor of BCAA 5000. Here’s the results.

  • Sweetness- 2/4 testers said this was slightly to sweet for them. The other 2 claims it was right on the money.
  • After-taste- 4/4 testers said there was ZERO after-taste from the CHERRY LIMEADE flavor. That’s a huge plus!
  • Flavor- 4/4 said the flavor tasted like cherry limeade just in an uncarbonated version. All 4 said it was not chalky or harsh whatsoever.

The Cost Test- at under $1.00 a serving for all 3 sizes you can’t go wrong with the cost of BCAA 5000 by EVL. This product is extremely affordable to say the least.

Overall Flavor and Cost Rating of 9 out of 10

Recovery and Endurance Test

Here is where Evlution Nutrition truly shines with its BCAA 5000. Our lifters were able to recover much quicker than when taking no BCAAs or just a normal protein shake. Recovery is absolutely vital in any training program. If your shoulders are still sore from shoulder day you best believe your bench day will suffer. While using this product our lifters were able to lessen the amount of soreness felt significantly.

In the endurance department they were capable of more reps and able to train longer or harder. This is due to the BCAAs assisting in the muscle fatigue. By taking BCAAs you have more energy supplied to the muscles allowing for more endurance. This is a major plus!

Overall Recovery and Endurance Rating of 9.6 out of 10

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Overall Rating of 9.3 out of 10

Spartan Barbell Fitness does in fact recommend giving it a try. This is a good product from a trustworthy company, and it gets the job done! Take a look at the following bullet points for a good overview of our thoughts.

  • 100% recommend using it
  • Does help with endurance
  • Does help with lean muscle mass development
  • Does help your recovery and soreness
  • 5g per serving of good quality BCAAs
  • Trusted company

This concludes this review, but if you have any questions please e-mail us at foster@spartanbarbellfitness.com or comment below. We will answer any questions you have on Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 or any other product. Also, if you have used this product from EVL please drop a review to help others if you have a spare moment. Remember, stay strong and lift on!

Denton Foster


  1. Dear Foster,
    Thanks for that Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 review. It is quite informative.
    The formulation of this supplement indeed shows that it is highly targeted to recovery and muscle building functionality. The 3 essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine act by ensuring a decrease in muscle protein breakdown and turn over, meaning this supplement gets results.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on Evluation Nutrition BCAA 5000 and find it very useful for body builders. While reading I know that It works by giving the body the 3 main essential amino acids that it can not produce on its own. These 3 BCAAs will repair and build leaner and stronger muscles. It is very helpful for our body.

    • Thank you and you are absolutely right! Im glad you enjoyed the review. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

  3. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and a beautiful product. I am glad to see your article. In our busy lives, we cannot devote time to ourselves. That’s why we can’t take care of our bodies and have no time to go to the gym. When I read your article about the article of the Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000, I know it about benefits. I think this article will benefit everyone who takes a fitness supplement. Thanks for the information. I will share this article among friends. I hope they benefit. 

    • I’m sorry to hear that time is making it difficult to take great care for your body such as training in the gym. Remember even 30mins of cardio or bodyweight training can still be effective if the time is limited. Thanks for the share and please comment if you are needing any short training advice.

  4. Hi Denton!

    I’m so glad I landed on your post at this time. This review on Evlution Nutrition BCAA was just what I needed at this time.

    I’ve actually been looking for the best supplements for muscle building and repairs, and this article has really got me through. It feels good to know that, although the body cannot  produce these essential amino acids, there are still quality products out there that can help out.

    But about this product, do you think it would be a good recommendation for a person with heart issues? You mentioned that people with severe health issues should contact their physicians before taking the supplements, but is a heart issue also a challenge?

    Thanks for the article anyway. I really enjoyed reading.

    • It is a non stimulant so it wont affect the heart, but we are not doctors nor do we give medical advice about any supplements. All we can say is to ask your primary care physician for his personal opinion. Im sorry we can’t answer or give any further opinion. We do Not want to steer you the wrong way sir.

  5. Now I know after reading your guide Evlution Nutrition BCAA 5000 is needed while going in gym. BCAA stands for branch chain amino acids; these are essential amino acids meaning your body doesn’t make them on their own. The only way to get them is through food or supplements.Each section will be scored and at the end they will be averaged together to give our own overall rating . Thanks for sharing such useful product.

    • You are exactly right! Do you have any questions regarding BCAA 5000? We would be more than glad to help answer them.

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