MusclePharm Amino1

MusclePharm amino1

Welcome to another review from us here at Spartan Barbell Fitness . Today’s article will be all about answering the question of what is MusclePharm Amino1.

We will be going over a full overview, customer benefits, our own personal thoughts, and so much more so stay tuned!

What is MusclePharm Amino1?

This is a recovery enhancing and endurance boosting fitness supplement that utilizes 3g of BCAAs and 3g worth of other amino acids to get the job done, all while helping keep you hydrated as well.

Amino1 is made by MusclePharm, a leader in the supplement game that was founded in 2006. Since this time MusclePharm has earned a reputation as a quality brand that supplies affordable products for those wishing to enhance their fitness goals and physiques.

At one point even Arnold Schwarzenegger had a celebrity endorsement deal with these guys!

How Does Amino1 Work?

Amino1 works by delivering 3g of BCAAs to the body. These BCAAs are branch chain amino acids that help to build and repair muscle fibers and more. They are also essential amino acids, which means the body can not produce them on its own. They must be taken in from food or supplements.

MusclePharm has also included 3g of other amino acids to help boost your recovery rate as well. These are Glutamine, Alanine, and Glycine. With 1g a piece this will definitely be an added benefit that will aid in helping decrease your recovery rate.

There is a hydration blend as well made from coconut water. This will help to keep you hydrated during your workout or replenish you if you chose to take as part of your post workout.

Let’s take a look at the Nutrition Facts to learn more about these amino acids.

Ingredients in Amino1

Ingredients in MusclePharm Amino1

Above is the supplement facts straight off the container of MusclePharm Amino1. To get a better understanding of the amino acids listed and what they do for you, we will give you a brief summary. These will be simple so all can easily follow along and learn about what each one does. Let’s jump to it!


One of the 3 essential BCAAs. Leucine helps to increase the development of lean muscle mass by boosting protein synthesis. Also, helps to achieve a positive nitrogen balance.


One of the 3 essential BCAAs. Isoleucine will help to regulate blood sugar levels and energy levels as well. Will help to improve recovery and aid in building lean muscle tissue.


One of the 3 essential BCAAs. Valine plays a key role in supplying the muscles with energy. It also helps in the repair of muscle tissues reducing one’s recovery rate.


Helps to maintain cell hydration, balance nitrogen levels, and build muscles. Also, will help to protect muscles and prevent entering a catabolic state.


Allows the body to use blood sugar as an energy source for your muscles. Also, plays a key role in transferring nitrogen from tissue sites to the liver.


Works as a protein builder for the body. It enables the body to produce collagen, an essential component of muscles, tendons, bones, and skin. Also, it enhances the bio-function of Leucine in the muscles and increases creatine levels in the muscles as well.

Is Amino1 Safe to Use?

Yes Amino1 is safe to use, but remember, like most fitness supplements this product is intended for adults age 18 and older. We have put together a list of important points below that we believe all potential customers should take note of.

  • If wanting your child to use who is a minor, consult with his or her primary care physician. Most doctors will allow if the child is in sports or weight training unless the child has a major health issue.
  • We recommend any adult with any major health issues to consult a doctor prior to using any fitness supplement or rigorous training program.
  • Banned-substance tested

May be produced in a facility that processes milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soybeans, wheat, tree nuts, and peanuts.

Also, the only reported side effect has been the possibility of an upset stomach in a few customers.

Flavors and Cost

Amino1 does not have a wide array of sizes and flavors like most BCAA or Amino supplements. We have the 2 flavors it comes in and the price listed below.

30 Servings

This size costs $22.99 making it $0.76 a drink. Can be founder cheaper on Amazon 😉


Directions for Use

  1. Fill shaker with 8 to 12 oz of water.
  2. Add 1 scoop of Amino1 powder.
  3. Shake until dissolved.
  4. Drink before, during, or after workout.

Store in a dark and cool place such as a cabinet or a kitchen pantry.

Amino1 Customer Stated Benefits

One of the main things we like to provide within our reviews is a list of top benefits customers are repeatedly stating across the web. The purpose of this list is to show you what kind of results taking any particular supplement will give you. Here is the top 2 most stated benefits we found.

  • Increased endurance
  • Increased recovery rate

We searched through hundreds of reviews on top sites across the internet all of which have rated Amino1 quite highly. In our search we do not use any personal blogs or websites. These sites tend to be promoting the product, and we want our results to be unbiased for you!

Sites Used in Our Top 2 List

In the hopes of gaining your trust and becoming your go to site for all your supplement review needs, we also provide our top 3 sites used in our research of the top benefits according to the people. Below we have them listed for you.


Bodybuilding.com’s store

Muscleandstrength.com’s store

Just type in Amino1 in each of the site’s search bars to get started seeing the benefits for yourself. We hope this helps!

All 3 of these sites have hundreds of reviews and the vast majority are positive, which further proves Amino1 truly does get the job done, but we still do our own personal review to see the results for ourselves.

Our Review of Amino1 by MusclePharm

MusclePharm Amino1 review

Now it’s time to get down to our own review!

We used a full 30 servings of cherry limeade Amino1 to get a good grasp on just how well it stacks up. This will be an in-depth article, so we will be splitting this up into sections and scoring them. At the end we will average the scores to get our own rating for the product.

Let’s dive right on in!

Flavor and Cost Test

For each of our flavor tests we always use 4 taste testers to make sure we give a good flavor review. We also use a 3-prong method to show where it shines and where it differs from person to person. Here’s our results.

  • Sweetness- 4/4 testers said it was spot on! Not bitter in the least and not so sweet as to make you cringe.
  • After-Taste- 3/4 testers said there was ZERO after-taste at all. 1 tester said she could taste a faint one, but barely.
  • Flavor- 2/4 testers said it was a great flavor with no chalkiness. 2 testers said they have had better cherry limeade flavors from multiple different companies.

One major flaw is that it only comes in 30 servings and only 2 flavors. This can potentially make it easier to be burned out on after an extended period of time using it.

The Cost Test- Amino1 gets a perfect score here. Any supplement under $1.00 per serving is what we here at Spartan Barbell Fitness call affordable!

Overall Flavor and Cost Score of 8.9 out of 10

Recovery Test

The recovery benefit was definitely noticeable. Our lifters were able to recover sooner and with less pain after each intense workout. This is extremely important because recovery is essential to gaining muscle and strength. Your recovery can affect your workouts and your gains.

If you are still sore from shoulder day, then your chest day will be impacted since your shoulders are holding up the weight, correct? If your shoulders are struggling then you might not hit your usual numbers or weights. Now can you see how important recovery truly is?

Amino1 helped our lifters by cutting down their recovery time. For example instead of legs hurting harshly for 3 days after leg day, they only hurt badly on day 1, and on day 2 and 3 most of the pain was significantly less.

Overall recovery score of 9.2 out of 10

Endurance Test

Expect a little more endurance. This product gives a slight edge to endurance by helping you get a little more in before muscle fatigue sets in. This is also important. More endurance means more reps and better gains.

Our lifters were able to run a little longer and do more work before muscle fatigue finally set in. So expect a slight boost to your endurance, which will vastly help in achieving your goals.

Overall Endurance Score of 9 out of 10

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

MusclePharm Amino1 results

Overall Rating of 9 out of 10

We do in fact recommend putting Amino1 into your arsenal of supplements. It does work and it works pretty well. Here is a list of reasons we recommend giving it a try.

  • Trusted company
  • Does improve endurance
  • Does improve recovery
  • Banned-substance tested
  • Large number of reviews being positive
  • our own good experience
  • Affordable to the people

Hopefully this has answered everything you wanted to know about MusclePharm Amino1, but if you do have any questions please e-mail us at foster@spartanbarbellfitness.com or comment below. Also, if you have used Amino1 please drop a review of your own experiences, good or bad, to help others. Remember stay strong and lift on!

Denton Foster

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