Muscletech Creactor Creatine

Muscletech Creactor Creatine


Today’s review will be on Muscletech Creactor Creatine and what it can do for your goals. Everyone wants to get jacked, and creatine is one of the most researched supplements that has been proven to help get you the results you crave.

We will be giving a full rundown, customer reviews, our own personal review, and more so stay tuned all the way to the end!

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What is Muscletech Creactor Creatine?

This is a creatine supplement that delivers 750mg of creatine HCL and 750mg of free acid creatine per serving to build lean muscle mass, increase strength, and increase your performance in the gym. Creactor Creatine is scientifically proven to work and get the job done!

Muscletech was founded in 1995, and is a leader in the supplement industry. Trusted and well-known by the people they have won multiple awards from various organizations for many of their top-notch products.

So rest assured this is a quality product from a reliable manufacturer.

But how does it work?

How Does Creactor Creatine Work?

Creactor Creatine enhances the body’s ability to generate Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is your primary source for anaerobic energy. When you are doing high intensity training, ATP from muscle stores are used first, and once it’s used up the body needs to start generating more ATP.

This is where Creactor Creatine comes in handy by amplifying ATP synthesis! We only have a certain amount of creatine residing within our muscles, and it runs out entirely to fast.

This results in fatigue and muscle failure. So by enhancing your ATP generating capabilities you can train harder and recover faster.

By increasing your ability to train harder and recover faster, you will begin to gain more muscle and strength than ever before!

Is Creactor Safe to Use?

Yes it is! Please remember this supplement like most, is intended for adults age 18 and older. Also, it is recommended not to EXCEED more than 2 servings in a 24-hour period.

Below we have listed a few recommendations and bullet points of our own.

  • If wanting a minor to use, ask their primary care physician prior to use. If the teenager is an athlete or weightlifter most doctors will allow.
  • We recommend all adults with major health issues to consult their doctor prior to taking any supplements or undergoing any rigorous training programs.
  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Most common side effects are upset stomach and indigestion.

If you do have these side effects or any others don’t be alarmed. These are not serious nor are they life threatening. To stop them from occurring, lower your serving size until your body gains some tolerance to the creatine.

Once you gain some tolerance you can move back up to get the full benefits.

Flavors to Savor and Cost

Muscletech Creactor Creatine comes in one size and 4 flavors to choose from. This will help you to not get tired of the same old flavor over and over. Also, it comes in UNFLAVORED. So you can mix it in with your pre workout and post workout drinks!

Below we have listed the flavors, cost, and servings you can get it in.

120 Servings

The cost for Creactor Creatine is $24.99 making it $0.20 per serving. Can be found cheaper on Amazon. 😉


Directions for Use

  1. Fill shaker with 8 oz of water.
  2. Add 1 scoop of creatine powder.
  3. Shake until dissolved.
  4. Take 1 serving after workout.

FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE- take 2x daily and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.


Store in a cool dark place such as a kitchen cabinet or pantry.

Customer Stated Benefits

Here at SBF we like to provide a top list of benefits that customers received from using any particular product we write about. We all know companies make some wild claims that never actually occur after we buy their products, but a surefire way to fact check these claims is with customer reviews.

So we scoured the web searching through thousands of reviews and came up with a Top 2 List of repeatedly stated benefits from real customers. This should hopefully cut down on some of your research time.

  1. Increased strength
  2. Increased Lean Muscle

From our research we are inclined to say Muscletech Creactor Creatine does in fact do as it states. With thousands of reviews and the vast majority being positive, it’s hard to argue the facts, but we still do our own review to double check for you guys!

Sites Used in Top 2 List

In the hopes of becoming your go to site for all things fitness related, we also provide you some of our top used sites where we searched through reviews. We want to gain your trust and show you our honesty and the hard work we put into writing this article for you.


Bodybuilding.com’s store

Muscleandstrength.com’s store

Just type Muscletech Creactor Creatine into each site’s search bar to get started. We hope this helps earn your trust and speed up your own research!

All 3 of these sites are well-known and top sites where real customers buy and write reviews on fitness supplements. With thousands of positive reviews between them and great ratings, you can’t go wrong with Muscletech Creactor Creatine.

Our Personal Review on Creactor Creatine

Muscletech Creactor Creatine review

Our reviews are quite in-depth so we will be breaking it down into sections to discuss each key aspect. Each section will be scored and then averaged to get our own personal rating.

Ready, Set, Go!

Flavor and Cost Test

For our flavor testing we chose the Fruit Punch Extreme and evaluated it using a 3-prong method and 4 taste testers to get a wide variety of opinions. Below are our results.

  • Sweetness- 4/4 testers said it was spot on and was not the least bit overly sweet.
  • After-Taste- 3/4 testers said there was ZERO after-taste in their opinions, but 1 tester claims to have tasted one that was distinct.

  • Flavor- 3/4 testers said the flavor was great and not the least bit nasty or chalky for that matter, but 1 tester said she did not think it was “fruit punchy” enough.

The Cost Test- At $0.20 per serving this is definitely an affordable creatine supplement. So it does very well in this category.

Overall Flavor and Cost Score of 9.3 out of 10

Lean Muscle Development Test

Creactor Creatine did pretty well here. Both of our intermediate lifters gained a healthy amount of muscle while using 2 servings per day for 30 days. Please remember results will vary depending on your lifting experience, program, and actual effort put in.

We could tell a noticeable difference all the way around, but the best results came from the shoulders and biceps. The chest, back, and legs all gained some size, but not as much as the boulder shoulders and bicep peaks.

So it does in fact help to attain and increase lean muscle based on our results.

Beginners should expect highly noticeable gains in definition and muscle. This is typical even if no supplements are used, but while using creatine and other supplements you can expect to seriously amplify those results to the max.

Advanced lifters seeking mass, we all know we need creatine and other supplements and the proper diet to achieve the serious size we want. This creatine supplement will work just as well for us.

Overall Lean Muscle Development Score of 9.4 out of 10

Strength Test

Now, your strength will go up, but remember this is all relative to your program, experience, and effort. Both of our intermediate lifters did get some nice bumps to their lifts while using Creactor Creatine.

Below are the results after 30 days using 2 servings per day.

  • Ez-Bar Curl- 15lbs and 20lbs
  • Bench Press- 15lbs and 10lbs
  • Squats- 20lbs and 25lbs
  • Deadlifts- 25lbs and 22.5lbs
  • Barbell Shoulder Press- 20lbs and 22.5lbs

These numbers reflect the increase to the weight used for each exercise by the end of the 30 days.

The programs were powerlifting based programs that we custom-built to each lifters weaknesses. The results for intermediate lifters will vary depending on the type of program. So be sure to know what kind you are running to get the results you want.

Overall Strength Score of 9.5 out of 10

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Muscletech Creactor Creatine Results

Overall Rating of 9.4 out of 10

We do in fact recommend giving it a shot. It definitely will help to gain muscle and increase strength. We personally can vouch for that after our own trial of the product.

Below we have listed some reasons why we think it’s worth giving it a go the next time you need to restock on creatine.

  1. Does increase lean muscle development
  2. Does increase strength
  3. Trusted and reliable company
  4. Various good tasting flavors
  5. It is highly affordable
  6. Thousands of positive reviews
  7. We had good results personally

We hope this article helped to answer all your questions on Muscletech Creactor Creatine, and if you still have questions please e-mail us at foster@spartanbarbellfitness.com or comment below. Also, if you have used this supplement, please drop your own review to help guide others on their own fitness journey. Remember stay strong and lift on!

Denton Foster

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