What is Essential Amino Energy?

What is essential amino energy?

So you’re on the search for BCAA supplements and stumbled across one called Essential Amino Energy. Now you’re asking yourself “What is Essential Amino Energy?” and “How does it work?” Well you came to the right place, because today’s article is all about Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amino Energy supplement!

We will be going through a full overview, customer reviews, our own personal review after testing the product ourselves, and so much more so stay tuned to get all those questions answered! Let’s get to it!

What is Essential Amino Energy?

This product is a BCAA supplement that is also a stimulant. To put this simply it’s an energy boosting, muscle building drink that will help to repair muscles, improve recovery, and aid in endurance.

Essential Amino Energy is made by Optimum Nutrition, a leader in the supplement industry that was founded in 1986.

These guys have been around for a long time and have built up quite the list of awards across many categories for their fitness supplements. So rest assured it comes from a very trusted and top name company.

How Does Essential Amino Energy Work?

Essential Amino Energy uses 100mg of caffeine to bring the energy to the table. As we all know caffeine is a good wake up call and helps us to focus on the matter at hand. In this case it’s giving you the energy and focus to hit the weights hard to make them gains.

This product also delivers 5g of amino acids. Some of these being essential amino acids, which help repair muscles, build muscles, improve endurance, and greatly improve one’s recovery time.

These key essential amino acids are the BCAAs everyone is raving about. These amino acids help do everything we just mentioned, but unfortunately the body can’t produce them.

This means we must get them through our diet or through supplements such as this one. These BCAAs are branch chain amino acids. The 3 BCAAs are L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, but these 3 are not the only amino acids you get with ON Essential Amino Energy!

Let’s take a look at the ingredients.

Ingredients in Essential Amino Energy

What is in Essential Amino Energy

Let’s break down the Amino Blend to see just exactly how some of these amino acids help us in our fitness lifestyles. We will keep this simple since there are a lot to get through, and we want to keep it easy for all to understand. Here we go!


Helps combat muscle fatigue, soreness, and muscle damage thus improving endurance and recovery.


Protects muscles and helps prevent from entering a catabolic state. Also, helps maintain cell hydration, build muscles, and balance nitrogen levels.


Helps the body build protein. Is a precursor for nitric oxide. Supports vasodilation and nutrient delivery, will also enhance muscle pump.


One of the 3 essential BCAAs. Helps increase muscle synthesis, which helps develop muscles. Helps to achieve positive nitrogen balance.

CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine

Helps decrease muscle fatigue and damage to muscles from exercising. Results in improved recovery and endurance.


Helps increase Arginine levels, which supports the production of Nitric Oxide. Boosting oxygen and blood flow, assist in muscle functions, and possibly increase output. Also, helps to turn nutrients into readily usable energy called ATP.


One of the essential BCAAs. Helps regulate blood sugar and energy levels. Helps to develop muscle tissue, improve recovery, and build lean mass.


Plays a key role in supplying muscles with energy. Also, helps in regulation of nitrogen levels and helps repair muscle tissues.


It is directly involved in making neurotransmitters dopamine and adrenaline. Can reduce fatigue and enhance focus.

Is Essential Amino Energy Safe to Use?

Yes it is! Optimum Nutrition has been making safe products for over 30 years! We do have a few facts and recommendations we would like to list though.

  • Yes it’s safe to use
  • Intended for adults age 18 and older
  • Check with your doctor if you have major health issues before using any rigorous training program or supplement at all
  • Consult pediatrician if you want your child to use for athletic purposes. Most doctors will say it’s OK, but it’s always best to check.

Side Effects

As with almost all supplements, there’s a couple of possible side effects to be noted. These are not serious, nor will they last very long. These side effects occur due to the person’s body not having any tolerance for the ingredients.

If they do occur don’t panic. Just take half the serving size until your body gets adjusted. Then slowly raise back to a full serving.

  • Upset stomach
  • Tingly feeling across face and body

Flavors to Savor and the Cost

Some flavors may only come in select sizes. Therefore, we are going to break this up so it is easier to see what you can get for what price. Hopefully this makes it easier on you!

30 Servings

This size costs $20.99 for 30 servings making it $0.70 a drink. Can be found cheaper on Amazon 😉


65 Servings

This size costs $38.99 for 65 servings making it $0.59 a drink. Can be found cheaper on Amazon 😉


Directions for Use

  1. Fill shaker with 10 to 12 oz of water.
  2. Add 2 scoops of powder to shaker.
  3. Shake until completely dissolved.
  4. Drink it up pre workout style or anytime energy is needed.

Do not exceed 5 servings per day

Customer Stated Benefits

Here at Spartan Barbell Fitness we surfed the web looking for reviews to give you a Top 3 list of benefits that all the customers are raving about. We do this to show you just how well a product works…or doesn’t. Hopefully this will help to lessen your research time!

  • Improved recovery
  • Improved endurance
  • Enhanced energy

These are the top 3 benefits we found were being repeated over and over out of the thousands of reviews we read through. In the hopes of transparency and becoming your number 1 site for fitness supplement reviews we also include a few of the sources we used.

Sites Used in Top 3 List


Bodybuilding.com’s store

Muscleandstrength.com’s store

Just type in essential amino energy in the search bars of these sites to get started reading reviews!

All 3 of these sites are well known and trusted, and they all rate Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy extremely well! So rest assured you are getting a great product that has been shown to work by the masses.

Our goal is to gain your trust and become your go to site. So we hope this helped!

Our Personal Review

What is essential amino Energy review

The time has arrived for our thoughts and opinions on the way Essential Amino Energy works! Our review is very in-depth so we will break it into 3 categories with each one getting a score.

At the end we will average the score together and give our own personal overall rating. Let’s dive in!

Flavor and Cost Test

When we do our flavor testing we use 4 taste testers and a 3-prong method to get full grasp on the taste of all products we review. For this test we used the COTTON CANDY flavor of Essential Amino Energy. Here’s our results!

  • Sweetness- 3/4 testers said it was just perfect not to bitter and not to sweet. 1 tester said it was a little to sweet for him.
  • After-taste- 4/4 testers said they could not taste any after-taste. That’s a major plus!
  • Flavor- 3/4 testers loved the overall taste, but 1 tester said she has had better cotton candy flavors in the past.

The Cost Test- At well under $1.00 per serving this is definitely an affordable BCAA product.

Overall Flavor and Cost score of 9.2 out of 10

Energy Test

It did pretty well in this category. The energy boost was clean with zero crash, which is what we like to see from all energy enhancing products. This will get the job done especially for the average gym goer. It does have 160mg of total caffeine in it’s energy blend.

So caffeine sensitive folks may want to start with half a serving to assess how it will affect them. If you crave the feeling and rush of caffeine, and a serious jolt of energy from the get go you will need at least 3 scoops for the average person who is not caffeine sensitive.

We like that feeling of we can do anything and hyped, but some may not and using 2 scoops will be perfect for you and give a good energy boost that won’t make you go wild.

Overall Energy Rating of 8.9 out of 10

Recovery and Endurance Test

Our lifters were less sore while using Essential Amino Energy compared to not taking a BCAA supplement. Expect to be able to recover much more quickly from your gym session. This is important! Recovery is key to gains in lean muscle and strength. So it does get the job done, and pretty good for that matter.

In the endurance department our lifters could get a little more done before muscle fatigue set in, but nothing extravagant. Still expect to reach a new level, and be able to get a rep or two more in before your arms give out.

Overall Recovery and Endurance Score of 9 out of 10

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Overall Rating of 9 out of 10

We do recommend giving Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy a shot in your BCAA arsenal. Here’s a recap of why we recommend giving it a chance.

  1. Does improve recovery
  2. Does improve Endurance
  3. 5g of Amino Acids per serving
  4. Clean energy boost with no crash
  5. Good taste
  6. Reliable company

Hopefully this answers your question of What is Essential Amino Energy, but if you have any questions e-mail us at foster@spartanbarbellfitness.com or comment below. Also, if you have used this product please drop a review for others to learn from if you have a spare moment. Remember, stay strong and lift on!

Denton Foster


  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I am very aware of health and all my family members are very aware of their health .The Essential Amino Energy product is a BCAA supplement .My brother enjoys increasing his energy, muscle building drinks that help repair muscles, improve recovery, and help with endurance. This product provides 5g amino acids .And it has all the ingredients it needs to be very safe .And my brother got no side effects as a result of using it .And by reading your article I have learned a lot about this product and I will definitely show it to my brother .

    After all I hope my brother buys it again and will definitely share his new experience with you .

    • Thank you for dropping your brother’s review on Essential Amino Energy! We are sure it will help many others! If your brother or any one else has questions please ask away!

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Amino Energy is one I use for a long time and it is very good for health and it has made my body a lot stronger.And using this product has made me a lot stronger and each one has grown more than ever.And this product uses 100mg of caffeine which boosts our body weight and stresses.After reading your article, everyone will know about Amino Energy and will share new experiences with you after using it.

    • Thank you for dropping a review of your experiences! It’s sure to help other people. Remember stay strong and lift on!

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